Classic Dishes...

No More To Come

So I woke up this morning to learn that Johnny Carson died, at the age of 79.

I love making people laugh. But I’m a technology geek, which means I like knowing how things work, and often that nerdity extends to everyday life, so I’ve always been fascinated with HOW to make people laugh….I know I have a gift, but what is it exactly that I have?

Nobody, but NOBODY, knew more about HOW to be funny than Johnny Carson. That’s what I admired about him…not just that he was innately funny himself (and god, was he), but that he understood what was happening that MADE “funny”, for lack of a better term.

Timing, perhaps? Carson was the Babe Ruth of comedic timing. And he knew it. At his home in Malibu, he has a throw pillow upon which is embroidered the phrase “It’s All In The Timing”. There were times on his show when Johnny was funnier just saying nothing that whatever could have POSSIBLY come out of his mouth.

The characters: Art Fern, and the Tea Time Movie. Floyd R. Turbo, American. And of course, the Visitor from the Far East, Carnac the Magnificent. Yeah, Steve Allen started the gimmick with the Question Man, but like with so much else, Carson made it something great. May a yak in heat become your sister’s French tutor.

When Johnny left television, he took something with him. But at least we knew that he did it with some time left to enjoy his twilight days engaging in what is often the best of all possible pastimes: nothing. And now that he’s teed off of this mortal coil, he’s taken it with him again. But now it’s gone, and we’re all worse off for it.

It’s a shame my ride to work doesn’t pass by the Slauson cutoff. (I’ve actually seen it when I was in LA once. Wish I’d taken a picture.) I would consider it an honor to get out of my car, cut off my Slauson, and get back in my car, all for the man more people have gotten laid to than anyone else on television. :)

I envy St. Peter. You have to think he grabbed the mic when he saw Carson on line at the Gates and said “I’ve been waiting to announce THIS one for a LONG time!”

I only hope he gave him all the time he wanted for the monologue. I imagine Johnny had quite a lot to say.

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