Classic Dishes...

Vox Populi

Look! We’ve got the ability to leave comments on the page now!

With each passing day, this little place is becoming more and more Big League. :)

Feed Me

Good deal, everything seems to be in place and working, I can make the announcement now: is now offering an RSS feed!

(Okay, technically, it’s not QUITE RSS, it’s Atom, but from what I can tell most modern RSS aggregators and sites read Atom just as well…in fact, most test their feeds at

So, if you have LiveJournal and would like to add to your Friends page as a syndicated feed, just open it up at:

…click the link to Add the feed, and log in if necessary! Remember, in LJ, the more people who subscribe to a given feed, the less it costs everybody, so tell your friends!

If you’re using a different RSS aggregator, the URL you will want to use is:

Give it a try! I’d love to know what people think!

One, Two

Please don’t mind this. I’m doing some RSS testing. Hopefully we’ll have a major announcement about this soon.

Bits And Pieces

So here we are. Sunday night, I should be asleep, but I’m just not tired yet. So, a few thoughts.

I hope the four of you who read this site on a regular basis are enjoying the redesign. I’ve certainly enjoyed putting it together…I think it’s way tidier than any format I’ve had so far, and there’s actually some content here other than The Resume. (Which, ironically, is the only part that still needs redesigned – I want to port it over to the new content style format. Maybe tomorrow.)

Bought me a couple domains over the weekend. First time for me, so there is still a little ego-swell to the whole deal. The one you’ll care about is, which is now the main portal to this site. Finally, no more tildes. For those interested in such things, my registrar is, and the good people at are doing all of the DNS work gratis. (And I’m nobody special – they offer free DNS for up to 5 domains assuming you don’t get truly obscene amounts of traffic, and I never see myself owning more then two or three, and that just for fun stuff anyhow. So unless I put up message boards with wacky Photoshop hacks and turn into another Fark, we should be OK.) It was all working yesterday because GoDaddy was doing the redirection for me, but I found out that ZoneEdit will mask the redirection for free while GoDaddy wants another six bucks for the service, and I think that looks slicker, so I set that up this afternoon, which means we’re gonna need the new nameserver information to propagate. Hopefully tomorrow.

The San Jose Sabercats are now two wins away from repeating as ArenaBowl champions. Next victim: the Arizona Rattlers, this coming Sunday at 2:30 on NBC. Go ‘Cats Go!

Alright, that’s all I have for now. Until Next Time, America…

Back On The Air

Yeah, we’re back up, and things aren’t working right, but with time, we’ll get ’em. And you know who we have to thank for this? ATTBI! Because ATTBI SUCKS! More on that later.

Technical Difficulties

We might be back up and running soon. Watch this space for details…

All Props

I’d be horribly remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to my friend Little Nemo, who not only gave me the idea to do this with my page, but does it so much better than I ever will be able to on hers. If mine just has some semblance of continuity I’ll be pretty happy. Have a look at her site over at, and then find me on her BBS, which you can connect to from the page.

Opening Day

Well, here we are. We’ve gone live with the new Blogger-enhanced version of the page. Hopefully this means the main page gets updated more than once every FIVE GODDAMN YEARS, and that maybe people might look at this thing once in a blue moon.

If you’ve never seen this Blogger thing, it’s awfully damn cool, you ought to click the button to your left there and have a look-see…literally in minutes you can have one of these on your own page. Lord knows it’s easy, if someone like me who has had the Web pass them by can get it rolling.